Discouragement: A Fatal Weapon of the Devil

I nearly saw discouragement sulk away with the swells of comparison and perfectionism behind it. At that moment, I thought, “No, not my daughter. You, my lifetime archenemy, are not sinking your claws into my bright, beaming, courageous, and generous Fiona.”

Jesus Christ’s Love: Embracing Who We Really Are

The difference between acknowledging Jesus Christ’s love and feeling of His love is the difference between seeing a fur blanket through a window and curling up in one next to the fireplace after working on a frigid winter day. One acknowledges, even appreciates, existence. The other embraces and depends on it. So often we talkContinue reading “Jesus Christ’s Love: Embracing Who We Really Are”

The Power of Jesus Christ Can Change How We See

Seeking to understand the gospel after a childhood of religious manipulation, abuse, and abandonment feels like a climb up a hill, in the middle of a mudslide, as pelting rain blinds your vision. The truth is blurred by traumatic memories and the whisper-shout that faith equates being led to the slaughter. Only the power of JesusContinue reading “The Power of Jesus Christ Can Change How We See”

Restitution – A Testimony of Jesus Christ

At 19, I can recall exclaiming, “If I ever have children, I will rather die than take them inside one of those church buildings.” The predictable architecture and inner decor sent fire and panic up my spine.

I remember sitting in a Starbucks around the same time writing a list of questions. I wrote, “Is there a God? If so, why does He stand back as His children rip each other apart and prey on the young and helpless? How can a loving Father in Heaven send a child, whom He claims He loves, into a place void of love or anything close to it? And then, give that same child the added burden of a mental illness that makes every joy hoped for nothing more than a lovely mural in empty and haunted corridors?”

I concluded with, “If this misery, this “Refiner’s Fire,” is evidence of God’s love, then I rather He hates me.”

A Call to Lay Down Arms

No one – no individual, business, organization, or government – should have a cost of human life budget. There should be no acceptable number of people who must suffer and die before we start to care about each other. And yet there is a budget – a rather generous one.

Starving For Love

Food-starved and love-starved travel the same road: desperation. Both will settle for scraps.

Stop Waiting For Happiness

How long will you wait for the universe to align in your favor before accepting the truth that you are are worthy of happiness? Worthy of having a voice, making a difference, and pursuing your dreams?

Blessings Within Heartache

You can be the voice that tells someone to keep going, who sees their strength when they cannot see their own.

The Pain of Overcompensation

Destructive coping mechanisms are like resilient pests that keep coming back. Sometimes they are so sneaky you don’t know they are there until you turn around and see the years of damage.   Overcompensating Just as your body compensates for injury to avoid pain, so do your mind and heart. If you sprain your left ankle,Continue reading “The Pain of Overcompensation”

No Excuse Exists for Abuse

Most of us want a reason. We want to know why someone treated us like something less than human with their beatings, their calloused cruelty, their systemic stripping of our ability to trust. Tragically, too many of us blame ourselves. We try to reconcile our living nightmares by transferring responsibility onto our shoulders, “I needContinue reading “No Excuse Exists for Abuse”

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