Going Around Again: The Issue that Refuses to Leave

Do you ever think you worked through an issue and laid it to rest for the final time? The problem could be a year-long work project or a home remodeling project. Maybe you have experienced typing the last word of a research paper only to discover a glaring error in your introduction, thereby requiring anContinue reading “Going Around Again: The Issue that Refuses to Leave”

Personal Potential: Only A Pittance Without Work

When plans go awry, or others declare our pursuits the vain attempts of an idiot, and when life all but bottoms out, we have a choice to make.

Feeling sorry for ourselves is one option. Marinating in the shoulda-woulda-couldas is another.

Or, we can put in superior perseverance and come out triumphant, the satisfaction and joy of hard work twinkling in our eyes. Personal potential realized.

The Pain of Overcompensation

Destructive coping mechanisms are like resilient pests that keep coming back. Sometimes they are so sneaky you don’t know they are there until you turn around and see the years of damage.   Overcompensating Just as your body compensates for injury to avoid pain, so do your mind and heart. If you sprain your left ankle,Continue reading “The Pain of Overcompensation”

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