Why Literary Marvel Began

I started Literary Marvel with the intent to write content for other business’s websites. I enjoy learning through research, but am not necessarily driven by it . I am enamored with writing because through it I express the melodies and dirges of my heart. Literary Marvel must reflect this simple truth or it’s not worth my time.

Right now my heart is troubled by the tragedies of our day; disease, abuse, and addiction. Each flourishes, as evidence indicates, in isolation. The more isolated we become under the guise of independence and convenience, the less we think we need each other.

Here’s a truth: We. Need. Each. Other. Sometimes we need to lift someone else and sometimes we are the ones who need lifted. Helping each other needn’t be limited to giving money or stuff or services. Being a friend is enough. A proper belly laugh with a good friend softens the sharp edges of reality.

Here is another truth: Concentrating on differences does not foster unity. Because we go in the direction we are looking, we would be wise to focus on the commonalities of the human condition that exist outside of every possible label.

I believe people can heal from isolation and it’s destructive consequences, in part, by sharing their talents.

So, here I am, sharing my talent. I write about problems that rob children – who turn into teenagers who turn into adults – of the opportunity to succeed. I also write of hope. A hope I tenaciously clung to when, by all reasonable analysis, my early life circumstances predicted perpetual wandering down paths filled with the echo of generational sorrow.

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