The objective of Literary Marvel is to utilize individual feedback from population members to expand program and service access.

Focus on the People, Not Programs

You know that being on the giving and receiving end of a conversation simultaneously feels empty and slightly insulting.

Unfortunately, rushed conversations are what you likely have with community members, while reserving your undivided attention for other professionals. Discuss innovative ideas for new solutions or improvements with the people. Their input will improve the outcome of your efforts.

Seek Understanding

Loosen your hold on the direction conversations take. Listen to what people say and notice what they are not saying. Ask thoughtful follow-up questions.  

Teach with Competence and Compassion

Competence is knowing enough. Compassion is caring enough. You need both.


Sometimes the same principle needs explained in a myriad of ways. After all, people apply countless meanings to the same word. So, when a different approach is required, be able to respond without removing critical information.


Know how our interventions complement the culture and values of the people. Ignorance in this regard paints your program and services as disrespectful and arrogant.

Invite Change

Inviting change is bold, precise, and concise. It ignites the belief that goals are achievable through reasonable and actionable steps.

Endure Discouragement

Discouragement knocks on the door and threatens to take up residency in the pursuit of every worthy cause. Frequently, people don’t want to change. They have continual excuses for why they can’t show up, can’t start this, can’t stop that, and so on. 

It’s okay. Continually seek out more people while maintaining an open and welcoming door for everyone.

Sounds Great, but . . .

Where do you find the time? Let Literary Marvel do it for you. Finding people, talking to people, and using their feedback to clarify and magnify your purpose, program, and service is my single objective. Call today at 801-735-8170.  

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