Tessa Jensen


Hello Everyone! I’m Tessa Jensen. I have one saintly husband and four feral children. I am a lover of words, chocolate connoisseur, burpee enthusiast, and hobbyist painter. My innate talents include looking fancy and laughing at my own jokes.

I believe our world is in desperate need of powerful mothers – mothers who are kind, patient, educated, and articulate. Such mothers raise children who are more likely to succeed in the classroom, in relationships, and in practicing good health habits; all necessary for gaining an ideal quality of life.

We, as mothers, with our different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives – must be the ones to lift each other up, cheer each other on, and bear each other’s burdens when life pours down sorrow and hardship too heavy to carry alone.

As we share what we know and love, we will benefit from one another’s courage, experiences, and knowledge.


Increasing positive social support and cultivating internal strengths for all mothers


Resilient women raising resilient children in a healthy and supportive environment

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