No Excuse Exists for Abuse

Most of us want a reason. We want to know why someone treated us like something less than human with their beatings, their calloused cruelty, their systemic stripping of our ability to trust. Tragically, too many of us blame ourselves. We try to reconcile our living nightmares by transferring responsibility onto our shoulders, “I needContinue reading “No Excuse Exists for Abuse”

What Can One Person Do?

After viewing my recent podcast on emotional abuse, a friend of mine asked, “What can one person do though?” My answer is not new, instant, or sexy. It’s simple yet requires great self-control; we can LISTEN to the people we say we care about. I don’t mean politely nodding our heads while thinking about howContinue reading “What Can One Person Do?”

Environment, Outcome, and Getting off the Treadmill

Hard work. Discipline. Sacrifice. Consistency. All are inconvenient and uncomfortable. Success – in any pursuit – accepts no less. Its road is precarious, full of sharp rocks, unpredictable mudslides, and unseen predators.  We’ve all heard it; “If you work hard enough, you’ll figure it out. When it’s hard, work harder.”  Great. It makes sense; ifContinue reading “Environment, Outcome, and Getting off the Treadmill”

Meet People Where they Are

Have you ever stood at an event, or in the audience of a performance, and wondered what all the fuss was about? People are clapping, screaming, jumping, crying, fighting, fainting, and your left standing in the middle trying to figure out where the free ice cream truck must have pulled in. Upon realizing there isContinue reading “Meet People Where they Are”

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